About I.R.E.S

Indira Ramana Educational Society(IRES) was established in 1997 with its nearly 25 years of educational expertise has moulded itself with new ideas and adopting updated technology created many successful students.

IRES is started intensively two decades back with a few number of students, and till date reached a stable and satisfactory position.

We generate passionate vision among students and fabricate a new system in the field of education as we always make children to have practical knowledge along with bookish instructions.

Starting as coaching centre, IRES has now providing apprenticeship to move into various fields of learning arena. We provide classes and guidance for schools, colleges, polytechnics, engineering colleges and Govt. job aspirants.

As we are aware that learning is not a destination, but its a lifetime journey. Knowing all unknown and important thIngs around us, we inject them into the minds of the students according to their needs and maturity which is the basic duty of a teacher. Understanding this need, IRES has set its foot in the education field and trying to change the old and unvarying so-called special teaching techniques.

IRES is collaborating with many other institutes and companies, giving a career-building education to its students in various branches.

Prestigious Achievements

1. IRES Established coaching centre for school and college students giving classes in both SSC and CBSE formats.

2. Coaching for career-based competitive exams like Navodaya, Polytechnic and different school level entrance exams and conducting classes.

3. Being co-director of MIJ Nellore, we in this contemporary State, undertaking classes for professional courses like IIT JEE, NEET, BIT SAT and EAMCET students for making them reach dreamt goals With the support of our prominent faculty.

4. Joined with MICE (Mohana institute of competitive exams) started Rendering Special and Intensive classes for a career based teaching for police, S.I, DSC, RRB, IBPS, SSC, Groups and Other govt jobs ambitious and aspiring youth.

5. Giving English training for students and others in their required and suitable timings.

6. Seeking a helping hand from Mach Speed, IRES is now forwarded to provide training for self-employed and career-building courses.

7.Hindi training and Spoken Hindi classes to students along with Conducting classes and exams for DBHPS ( Dhakshina Bharata Hindi Prachara Sabha) Hindi exams like prathama, Madhyama to praveena exams.

8. Taking nominal fees, IRES is providing computer training for different sections of students in various courses which makes people earn a part-time income for their needs.

9. Education is the 4th important Basic need after food, cloth and shelter. Literacy rate increases the GDP of the country. 

Keeping this in mind, we always care to give education for illiterate adults by joining them in open university classes and trying to develop them in giving the 4th basic need to them and to their children.

10. Planning to start NDA academy and giving training to students for Army, Navy and Airforce.

HR Team

Vennelakanti Jagadish


Chemalamarri Jyotshna

Vice President

Paturu Sandhya


Gattupalli Sasikala


Nandyala Pradeep

Joint Secretary

R&D Team

Naga Raja Rao

Ashok Kumar Reddy

Kasula Srikanth

Well Wishers